Waugh’s Well Loops

Waugh’s Well Loop/ 6.49 miles/ 289m elevation change/ Moderate Hike that is dog and family friendly/ Not pushchair accessible/ Very boggy, would recommend wellington boots or waterproof hiking boots/ Time to complete 3 – 4 hours

Start Location Postcode BL0 0JZ (paid parking in the car park in the centre of Edenfield Village, next to the Rostron Arms)

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Welcome to this moorland walk that takes in some of fantastic view above the Rossendale Valley and Greater Manchester.

Please be aware that this walk can be very boggy, in one small section, after heavy rainfall, so it is recommended that wellington boots or waterproof walking boots are worn on this walk.

The walk starts and ends at the car park in the centre of Edenfield Village, next to Rostron Arms. Leave the car park and turn left, heading towards the road crossing, just past the mini roundabout.

Cross the crossing and then turn right, down Rochdale road, continuing for 0.2 miles until you reach Plunge Road on your left hand side.

Turn left up Plunge road and continue up it for 0.3 miles, passing the houses on your left and passing through the rusty gate, until you reach the footpath that leave plunge road to your right.

Take this footpath and head towards the gate. Pass through the gate and continue along the footpath until you see a small gate appear to the right of the path in between the path and the stream, leading into some woodland.

Head towards this gate and pass through it. Follow the path along the side of the steam until it reaches a small stile.

Just before the stile, a footpath leads up the banking to your left. Turn left up this footpath and follow it, keeping the fencing to your right.

Continue along this path until you reach a stile in front of you. Climb over the stile that leads onto the bridleway.

Turn right up the bridleway and follow it for a very short distance until a gate appears on your right leading to a footpath.

Pass through the gate and follow the footpath through the woodland.

Continue up the path, passing through 2 gates until a road crosses the path.

Cross the road and head towards the gate leading to a farmers field.

Pass through the gate and enter the field. At this point for the next 4 miles, you are going to be on farmland that does have livestock in it. Therefore, if you have a dog, please ensure it is on a lead

Follow the path, keeping the fence to your right until you reach a stile to your right at the top of the field.

Climb over the stile and head into the next field. You will now find yourself on the Rossendale way.

Follow the Rossendale Way as it bends around to the left and heads up the valley sides.

Continue up the steep bridleway for 1 mile as it makes its way up the valley sides, passing through a number of gates as you do so.

There is some fantastic views as you make your way up the hill, take a moment to turn around and take in the breathtaking views.

After 1 mile, the Bridleway reaches a junction. Follow it as it continues to the right and continues up the valley sides keeping the reservoir to your right.

Continue along the Bridleway until it forks in front of you. At this point, take the path to the left and continue to head up the valley sides.

Continue up this path, heading towards the gate in front of you.

Pass through the gate and follow the path towards the next gate in front of you.

Pass through the gate and follow the path for a few yards and you will see Waugh’s Well appear on your left. This a great point to take a break and take in the views all around you, over the Rossendale Valley.

Once you have had your little break, continue up the path as it continues to ascend the valley sides.

At this point the path will start to head towards the stream that feeds the Reservoir. This is the only part of the walk where underfoot conditions can get very boggy so please mind your footing.

Continue to follow the path as it heads down towards the stream until you reach the stream.

Cross the stream and follow the path up the opposite side of the valley. As it follows the crumbling dry stone wall.

Continue up the path as it heads towards the gap in the fence at the top of the stream.

As you reach the gap in the fence, a path moves off the main path to the right. Turn right here and follow the path.

Follow this path until it reaches a junction in the service roads for the wind farm.

Head straight across the junction and head down Coal Road as it starts to descend down the side of Whittle Hill.

At this point, on a clear day, you will get fantastic views over Greater Manchester to the South.

Continue down Coal Road for 0.9 miles  as it descends down the small valley with a stream on your left. As you are walking down, make sure you take a look at the stream as there are some great little waterfalls along it that are a good photo opportunity.

After 0.9 miles a small path starts to appear to the right of Coal road. This is the remnants of Coal road that has no longer been maintained. Turn right down here and head through the farmland.

Continue along this path for 0.5 miles passing the farm buildings and houses to your left until you see a stile appear in the wall/fencing to your left.

Head towards the stile and cross over it. Follow the footpath as it heads down towards Rochdale Road.

Climb down the steps that lead to the side of Rochdale Road. Please be very careful when crossing the road here as it is a blind bend, so make sure you are listening out for traffic and are only crossing the road when it is safe to do so. Take your time.

Cross the road and turn right down the pavement.

Follow the pavement past the house and you will see a footpath that appears to your left, leading away from Rochdale Road. As you can see in the photograph, this isn’t very clear at this time of year, however you can see the Rossendale Way sign pointing left on the end of the wall.

Turn left and follow the footpath. Follow the footpath as it bends around the to the left and heads towards the small Hamlet. This area can get boggy, please take extra care.

At the end of the path you will reach a road. Cross straight over the road and follow the footpath as it continues to descend downhill.

Follow the path as it passes the two fishing ponds, until the path reaches a tarmac road.

Fishermans Retreat Pub is on your left, why not call in for some food or drink before finishing the final part of your walk.

Follow the tarmac road until a road appears on the right hand side, which is Bury Old Road.

Turn right along Bury Old Road.

Follow Bury Old Road for 0.5 miles until you reach Rochdale Road again. Please take care when walking along this road as it is used frequently by farm traffic.

Once you reach Rochdale Road, Turn left down it and follow it for 0.5 miles. Take extra care when walking along here as it is a busy road that cars do travel fast down so make sure you stick to the pavement.

After 0.5 miles you will find yourself in the centre of Edenfield again opposite the Rostron Arms pub.

Cross the crossing and you will be back at your starting point.

Congratulations, you have completed the Waugh’s Well Loop. Why not reward yourself with some refreshments at the pub.

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One thought on “Waugh’s Well Loops

  1. Found this walk fairly easy to follow. One stile was blocked with a fallen tree with access barred near the bridleway out of Dearden Clough but soon picked up the route. Next time I will have to leave the woods on the first path up to the left instead of walking along the stream and climbing to the said stile at the far side of the wood.

    I would definitely recommend this route as a good length walk which encompasses some terrific and panoramic views. Whittle Pike is also an option to visit that is only 25 minutes off the route which adds even more interest.

    Thanks for the route planner of this walk.


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